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Hi Jimmy, I typically don't get involved in the beefs, but your pic of the ripped seat with the man screaming audio had me in tears when you posted it on yb a while back. For some reason this clip popped up on my you tube and I thought you might be able to use it. Hope you are well.
Not sure if you remember me, I wasn't the most popular guy on YB. Did we ever cross swords? No matter, water under the bridge, my beef was with Monhal.
Will sure be good to start talking shit with guys that DO have race cars again. Steve.
Im still getting used to the forum, just saw your message here now. No I dont think we interacted over there much or at all, but I remember you, yes.
Big sbc 3
As I said in another thread, I hope this place stays friendly, I have been known to over react some what, maybe that's the reason you remember me?;)

Alberta, Canada
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Here from the bullet , is this a renamed Turbobullet ? from acouple years ago

No, this is all new and seriously improved!!