A Lateral Move — Total Seal’s Gas-Ported Rings May Be A Game Changer


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Feb 28, 2020
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Most aftermarket piston manufacturers offer almost any piston (except those with a very tight top ring to the top of the piston) with an option to drill the top ring land with a vertical or lateral gas-port. This could be accomplished on a used piston, but it makes more sense to add a new set of Total Seal lateral gas port top rings instead.

While drag race engines can obviously benefit (since they are the ones running gas-ported pistons), you might be wondering if this lateral-gas-port idea can be applied to other applications such as street or other long-duration-use engines. The idea for the lateral gas port ring came from an endurance engine application, where the engines would be tasked with high-output for literally 100 hours, or more, of operating time.

The potential use for these rings is not limited to a single-purpose race engine. This lateral gas port concept has been shown to improve ring seal over extended periods of run time on endurance engines as well, which means it could easily be used in a street application.

The idea is that lateral gas ports are not subjected to the same limitations that vertical gas ports suffer from, in terms of carbon buildup.

These lateral-gas-port rings are also suitable for supercharged, turbocharged or even nitrous engines that could benefit from improved ring seal.

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