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  1. Mitch H

    Dang logging trucks!

  2. Mitch H

    My new motor....

    Been posting a few pictures of the progress with my new power combo in someone else's thread, so figured it might be best to start one of my own to continue sharing the case anybody is interested. Started out this morning at my shop with the engine still on a cradle while I...
  3. Mitch H

    2021 World Doorslammer Nats.....

    Anybody else watching this on Flo Racing? The two Cuadra pro stock cars just knocked out Greg Anderson, and Erica Enders in the semi's!!!!
  4. Mitch H

    Tranny porn.......

    Transmission, you sick phucks!:oops:
  5. Mitch H

    Yesterday and today.....

    Today's mini video clip, while today's is still loading......
  6. Mitch H

    Parts 'n pieces.....

    Slowly ramping up for this race season...... Block is cleaned for assembly and the crank is torqued down. Clearances for a blower motor are scary after running high rpm na stuff!
  7. Mitch H

    Not fooling around......

    ........when you gotta unload 4000 pallets of mulch, ya need the right tool for the job.
  8. Mitch H

    UPS question....

    Ordered two identical items from a left coast company. Said company claims each item weighs 110.5 lbs., so 221lbs. should be headed my way. UPS claims the items headed this way 3 days ago. I happened to notice the UPS shipped weight as 69.5 lbs.??????? Is this an error on the UPS side?
  9. Mitch H

    A little Blower porn.....

    A few pictures of my new power adder. Should have some dyno pics and video in 2-3 weeks.
  10. Mitch H

    Chris B

    Hey, here is what you need for that B1 Procharger deal.......baddest starter going!
  11. Mitch H

    Hoosier 34.5"x17"x16

    Anybody get a chance to try the new N2021 compound yet?
  12. Mitch H

    Littlefield Retro 14-71 Blower

    Completely refreshed, re-stripped Littlefield retro blower. Just got it back from Fowler Race Engines. Would make a great piece for a nostalgia, pro street, or similar build. Fowler says the blower will make a safe 2100hp, just not enough for what I am doing. $3,500 shipped to the lower 48. If...
  13. Mitch H

    HRE Sheetmetal w/2 kits

    HRE Sheetmetal with 2 Induction Solution fogger kits. Solenoids and trashcans were replaced a few runs ago. Intake is for a 10.2" bbc with spreadport heads. Comes with spacers for a 10.6" deck height as well. Includes all carb linkage..... $3,500 shipped to the lower 48.....