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    ***Post a MEME Thread***

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    Random Videos

    10 second Audi e-Tron prototype.
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    Dominion voting machines

    I like her, and OAN. I saw that YouTube recently demonetized their channel, maybe even censored some of it, can’t remember, can’t keep up with the left’s big brother tactics.
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    Random Videos
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    European Women of Metal

    Fabienne Erni With Swiss metal band Eluveitie
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    I’m not really that much of an ass man but I will always remember stumbling across a women’s circle track bike race in DC one time when I was sight seeing. It was apparently a fairly high level competition and I had never before, or since, seen such a fine collection of tight, well shaped asses...
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    The official “Hi I’m A Newbie” thread…

    I would be interested to hear your take why someone like RFC would spend any time at all on a site like YB, just seems weird.....and welcome, hope it eventually takes off here.
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    So, how, exactly, are these wheels driven?
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    The chain saw was invented for use on women

    It sounded pretty far fetched at first glimpse but looks like it might be true.
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    Pics of beautiful women

    Zoe Saldana in front, starred in Columbiana for example.
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    “Aristotle and Plato on why diversity is tyranny”

    “The guard of a legitimate king is composed of citizens: that of a tyrant is composed of foreigners.”
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    How much of Pro-2A groups’ funds go to the cause?

    Starting at about 3:30, he goes into the numbers on SAF, FPC, GOA and the NRA. Interesting video.
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    What are you watching right now?

    ^^^ Absolutely fucking insane. Here’s some more, oldie but a goodie.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Uilleann pipes, are the weird instrument seen a minute or so into the song. A bellows is pumped under the right arm which fills a bladder on the left side.
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    Post a Random Pic Thread
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    Race Cars

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    Race Cars