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    So, how, exactly, are these wheels driven?
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    The chain saw was invented for use on women

    It sounded pretty far fetched at first glimpse but looks like it might be true.
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    “Aristotle and Plato on why diversity is tyranny”

    “The guard of a legitimate king is composed of citizens: that of a tyrant is composed of foreigners.”
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    How much of Pro-2A groups’ funds go to the cause?

    Starting at about 3:30, he goes into the numbers on SAF, FPC, GOA and the NRA. Interesting video.
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    Special Forces from around the world
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    I found this on my iPad, don’t remember where it came from. “Newspapers Oldie but goodie: NEWSPAPER READERS Experts have found the following analysis to be nearly 100% accurate: 1. The Wall Street Journal is read by the people who run the country. 2. The Washington Post is read...
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    World’s longest underwater tunnel to be built between Denmark and Germany
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    The threat is organized and planned

    If you think these riots are spontaneous demonstrations from concerned citizens, have a look at this video that shows the violence is carefully planned from the start.
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    New museum of the U.S. Army opening very soon

    I’d like to go see this. We’ll have to make a day trip over there when we get through this COVID nonsense, don’t feel like walking around for hours in a mask.
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    Yellowbullet emulates twitter and facebook

    In TOBT over there, pretty much anything goes and anyone can see it but what section do they want to hide from public view? The, heavily pro-Trump, Political section. They’re like a little wannabe twitter, afraid those nasty pro-Trump folks will offend those snooping around the site. They hide...
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    Remember this guy?

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    DIY simple little sand blaster
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    Uh-oh, in 2019 more than four times as many people were stabbed to death than killed with rifles of any kind.
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    IBM to spit into two public companies

    ....will focus on ”cloud” and AI. Fuck all this cloud shit.
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    Point of use drug manufacturing, pretty cool

    I believe DARPA has one of the very best records for development of novel, useful technology, and not for only the military. ”On Monday, the Defense Department announced a $20 million contract to On Demand Pharmaceuticals, to further develop machines that can produce drugs at the point of care...
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    Hey lumen8...

    ...I’ve been looking at other forums, thinking about bailing on YB, mainly because I am so fucking pissed that they fucked up the indexing when they changed software and just don’t give a damn. The community there is not worth their effort to make it right. The “AI enhanced” search function they...
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    Fusion energy becoming a reality?

    They’re getting ready to build this thing and have published a number of papers showing that the technology should work. Their design became possible because of advances in superconducting magnets. I wonder if the loonies on the...
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    “Right wing” news

    Are you gagging every time you try to see what’s going on in the news because it is unadulterated propaganda from the left. Have a look at this list and never expose yourself to leftist horseshit again.
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    European Women of Metal

    There are a lot of women in the metal scene in Europe, especially the scandanavian/Nordic countries. This gal is primarily a guitarist but started a band early on, Purest of Pain. Merel Bechtold, Dutch.