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  1. GLHS60

    Prayers and Best Wishes for President Trump!!

    As most everyone knows the finest President in modern history is ill with the CHINA virus. I'd like to offer my thoughts and Prayers to President Trump, his family and all those afflicted. May God Bless President Trump and provide the USA 4 More Years of excellent leadership. GO TRUMP 2020...
  2. GLHS60


    John Roberts at Fox has joined the bedwetter class with juan williams and donna brazile
  3. GLHS60

    Doors Music

    I'm an old timer and grew up with the Doors. Post up your favorite Doors songs. Mine!!
  4. GLHS60

    Wait..What...Why are....

    There doesn't seem to be much discussion lately. Maybe someone could start something controversial and get some activity going. EG: Why are Aussies such dumbasses?? Why are so many Americans un American?? Why do NZers say Zed except when saying NZ?? Why do Ford guys say 5 point O when...
  5. GLHS60

    Subscribed topics

    I don't get email notices any more, any ideas?? Any one else have this issue?
  6. GLHS60

    Canadian UTE

    For my Ausi/NZ friends, below is a picture of a little FWD pickup that was available here from 1982-1984. Its based on Chryslers' L body car platform, Charger, GLH, Horizon, O24, Omni, Turismo, etc. This one I assembled back in the 1990's but regrettably sold it years later. It's powered bu...
  7. GLHS60

    Why do dummys...

    call their Engines motors?? Ford calls them Engines
  8. GLHS60

    Junk parts Bike

    Picture of a bike I built out of parts back around Y2K It handled exceptionally good and rode very nice. Most parts are stock takeoff Harley Davidson Softail HD guys are always replacing stuff so parts are abundant.