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  1. Fastfox750

    Thank you Shaun at All American Street Cars!

    I have been fucking with my coupe for a couple of months now trying to get it to run right. Wednesday I took it to All American street cars in Clearwater Florida. Shaun called me the next day and told me my Q850 carb was junk and he was going to try a "shop carb" that he had on it. He also...
  2. Fastfox750

    Here is something that everyone is overlooking

    Each year the CDC makes its best educated guess as to which strains of flu virus will be prevalent that year and makes a cocktail of vaccines for distribution. The new delta variety of Corona virus is sweeping through the country, people are being coerced into vaccinations but yet there has...
  3. Fastfox750

    Question for the Mods

    It seems that every thread is getting trashed by the same people acting like children by trashing each others families, posting pictures of heroin needles and making threats to each other. Would it be possible to block them from seeing each others posts? If that could be done it may improve the...
  4. Fastfox750

    I built this turd to run 7.50's

    So I guess I succeeded. (don't judge my r/t's I haven done a hit in about 6 months). I did four hits and the car hooked really good. It felt really good to be back on the track! I just shifted randomly and didn't try to beat on it. If I shift around 5000 I should be able to run 7.50's. I...
  5. Fastfox750

    Sometimes it should be legal to beat your wifes ass!

    I got off work at 7pm and headed out to the garage to put a throttle cable on the Mustang. The old lady came out to help me and I sent her back to the house to grab a flashlight. I'm in the garage for a good ten minutes when I realize she hasn't come back out yet, at that time my phone rings...
  6. Fastfox750

    Anyone out there have arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery?

    Going next week to have it done. I have a lot of projects going on that I guess I will have to put off til next year. My doctor told to expect a three month recovery. Did anyone have this done? What can I expect as far as recovery or possible complications?
  7. Fastfox750

    Getting away

    I decided to get out of the city and spend the weekend in the woods in south Georgia . Got my tower stands draped and my food plots put in Muzzle loader season starts second Saturday in October. It's nice to get away and just enjoy nature and not have to deal with all of the bullshit. Sitting...
  8. Fastfox750

    Biden condemns the riots

    Sleepy joe read a teleprompter in Pittsburgh today. He finally came out and condemned his followers for rioting. I just read an article about it on the AOL home page and had to go 8 pages deep into the comments to find some one that supported him. IMHO this election is over. No matter how bad...
  9. Fastfox750

    The Kenosha Hat Trick

    Best meme yet
  10. Fastfox750

    Brussels sprouts

    The left can't get anything right. Brussels sprouts are good if you know how to fix them. Just fry them in bacon grease. Maybe jacob blakes daddy should have taught him to eat his Brussels sprouts instead of fighting with the police.