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  1. Fastfox750

    Racinduallie step inside ole son

    Talk shit you can't back up.
  2. Fastfox750

    Racinduallie step inside ole son

    Reitow's bullshit is pretty hard to beat. But he does have a running car
  3. Fastfox750

    Racinduallie step inside ole son

    The old street cred took a major hit the day Chris Baum accepted his call out and he backed down!
  4. Fastfox750

    Thank you Shaun at All American Street Cars!

    I have been fucking with my coupe for a couple of months now trying to get it to run right. Wednesday I took it to All American street cars in Clearwater Florida. Shaun called me the next day and told me my Q850 carb was junk and he was going to try a "shop carb" that he had on it. He also...
  5. Fastfox750

    Racinduallie step inside ole son

    Are you looking for turbos up there?
  6. Fastfox750

    Chicago mom double taps her 12yr old son over missing SD card.

    So, did she get the SD card back?
  7. Fastfox750

    Why do SOME forums have to have a patsy?

    The world is full of fucked up people and every one of us unknowingly gives up enough personal information for the average Internet detective to find us. Just think about how many people were outed on yellowbullet. It's just better to ignore the trolls and not take the chance.
  8. Fastfox750

    For all you Ford ballers!

    One day I will catch you walking down the sidewalk!:finga:
  9. Fastfox750

    Explosion at Kabul airport, all hell is now breaking loose.

    BREAKING NEWS!!! The state department just announced that the terrorist were using proper pronouns during the attack!!
  10. Fastfox750

    I need more car movies

    Glad to see you found your way over here!
  11. Fastfox750


    I guess I don't post enough here to let the trolls bother me. I just tell them how stupid they sound and move on. I have been staying out of the political section both here and at DRP And life has been a lot less agrivating.
  12. Fastfox750

    Biden the commie bastard

    Wow, I didn't realize you were stupid! I learned something new today.
  13. Fastfox750

    Does anyone know how to get in contact with SUPERSTOCKRACER, ie;.....

    Hey Oneslow, why don't you call me out? I'll run you (over) with my Mustang:moon:
  14. Fastfox750

    The truth shall set you free.

    Or if you are able to fight back. That's why the left wants gun confiscation so bad. Look what is happening in Australia.
  15. Fastfox750

    The truth shall set you free.

    Does anyone remember mike Obama saying we must change out history? Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
  16. Fastfox750

    Don't think the leaf eating fags are going to tresspass on this guys farm again lmfao

    Looks like that was in England, in that fucked up country if someone breaks in your house and you kill them YOU are charged with murder.
  17. Fastfox750

    Money NO object, what vehicle would you have ?

    1969 Boss 429 Mustang! END thread. .....