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    Chuck Norris just turned 80.....

    I LOVE Chuck Norris jokes! Now he's 80 years old and can still whip my ass.
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    When funny cars actually meant something to me.

    I started watching Match Race door slammers in '63. Those cars evolved into 'funny cars' by '65 with the introduction of the Mopar altered wheelbase cars. I still prefer 60's funny cars because they used factory based engines of the type car they ran. Chevy's had chevy engines, Fords had...
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    The 70's were the greatest years for drag racing

    Loved life at most any strip in the 70's. Today's NHRA is slowly but surely killing the very sport it pretends to love.
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    On a Friday afternoon an airline pilot, fully decked out in his very best captain's dress uniform, walked into a drugstore and asks the druggist for a particular perscription. The druggist looks at the pilot and excitably said, "No way! Man, you're crazy!! I only fill that prescription for...
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    I strongly suspect you're right. Dammit!
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    Crunch time, liberals discover they can’t just buy guns whenever......

    This is a fact; Liberals Never Learn.
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    TT coyote swap mustang LX coupe. 10 year build

    If you've been working on something for 10 years, you must a very patient man..
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    Running drag radials with stock suspension

    With adjustable shocks, you have much larger window than just adjusting tire pressure.
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    Check Your Mortgage Rates ...

    The main problem is, super low interest rates darn near forces everyone into the stock market.
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    Post a Random Pic Thread

    Cool pic, man. (y)
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    Corona virus/Stocks

    You guys sound like maybe someone's selling stock, but you're not allowed to buy it? I don't think so. What's keeping you from buying or selling, the same as they are?
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    A Trip Through New York City in 1911

    ^^^ Certainly true. And remember, people used to work their asses off. That's hard to do and be obese at the same time.
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    Check Your Mortgage Rates ...

    I remember when you could get over 6% return on CD's & long term deposits too.
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    2020 United States presidential election

    ^^^ You're doing your damndest to keep us awake, aren't cha'.. ;)