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    Groucho. Step inside ole son

    Grochy and his bitches have little knowledge of Australian Muscle Cars…….
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    Racinduallie step inside ole son

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    Groucho. Step inside ole son

    What the fuck are you talking about, Maybe you should try the truth and not spew bullshit like your mentor.
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    The Black Widow.....

    This Garry makes the other one look like a genius……
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    Do you like candy corn

    What is Candy Corn?
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    Is IrocZboy here ? I found his coozie

    LMMFAO, there a heap of nervous skunks out there right now…..
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    Rest In Peace G-Man....

    Big SBc loves the Gary cock
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    Groucho. Step inside ole son

    Groucho haft asses it again….
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    Dinner at Bob's Big Boy

    Groucho wants you to eat like him so the grease diet ready lubes your ass, that’s why baum loves the aged Italians snag.
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    I hope Grubby is not standing in the sun, that cunt could start a fire….😂
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    Fucking yellow bullet.

    OP eats the corn out of Mikhole’s shit
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    Bump for the Doxxing faggot from the YB
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    Who's got one of these electric bikes?

    Groucho is gonna be pissed if he runs out of batteries in his dildo…….
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    This is for the stolen valor clown

    Hey Funk, Just Die and make people happy, Thanks.
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    Australia, quite a large country, even a continent.

    Airwick, Just die you fat butterball cunt!